Practice About Us Page

S.O.S. Maine engages in activities for charitable and educational purposes.  Our goals are to

  • educate the public about the causes of coastal erosion and the actions which may be taken to restore and maintain the coastal ecosystem.
  • support the protection of the natural conditions of the coastal ecosystem of Maine in order to preserve the public’s recreational, educational, and aesthetic uses of Maine’s beaches.
  • affect the removal and/or modification of man-made navigational structures in the State of Maine which are a cause of severe beach erosion and harbor degradation.
  • restore, as far as possible, Maine’s beaches to conditions similar to those which existed prior to construction of man-made navigational structures in order to advance the purposes set forth above and to preserve the beaches’ natural beauty and habitat for wildlife.
  • offer scholarships from time to time to individuals who display outstanding community service
President – Katy Kelly
Vice President – open
Treasurer – Barbara Houlihan
Secretary – Donna Cullen
Executive Director – open
Joel Bradley
Maria Gauvain
Bob Foley
Rocky Furman
Ken Lafayette