Maine Coastal Coalition

Maine Coastal Coalition seeks to promote public policy to support Maine’s coastal resources and its people.

The Maine Coastal Coalition is a subsidiary of Save Our Shores Maine.  The mission of the organization is to promote, through the local, state and federal public policy process, coastal policies that enhance the viability of the Maine coastline and support property owners’ rights to live, work and play within this vital coastal resource.  Maine Coastal Coalition was formed to serve in the interest of S.O.S. Maine as an independent branch of the non-profit organization and, as a separate entity, its funding is subject to different regulations, allowing support of lobbying efforts.   Maine Coastal Coalition is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.  If you have any questions about the Maine Coastal Coalition, please contact us‎.


Your membership to Maine Coastal Coalition helps us  to achieve our mission of  promoting public policy to support Maine’s coastal resources and its people.  To become a member of Maine Coastal Coalition, please complete our Membership form and mail it with your donation, payable to Maine Coastal Coalition, to S.O.S Maine, P.O. Box 1785, Wells, Maine 04090.

Thank you for supporting Maine Coastal Coalition.