About S.O.S. Maine



S.O.S. Maine engages in activities for charitable and educational purposes.  Our goals are to:

  • educate the public about the causes of coastal erosion and the actions which may be taken to restore and maintain the coastal ecosystem.
  • support the protection of the natural conditions of the coastal ecosystem of Maine in order to preserve the public’s recreational, educational, and aesthetic uses of Maine’s beaches.
  • affect the removal and/or modification of man-made navigational structures in the State of Maine which are a cause of severe beach erosion and harbor degradation.
  • restore, as far as possible, Maine’s beaches to conditions similar to those which existed prior to construction of man-made navigational structures in order to advance the purposes set forth above and to preserve the beaches’ natural beauty and habitat for wildlife.
  • offer scholarships from time to time to individuals who display outstanding community service


President – Bob Foley
Vice President – open
Treasurer – Barbara Houlihan
Secretary – Donna Cullen
Executive Director – open
Joel Bradley
Maryanne Foley
Rocky Furman
Maria Gauvain
Katy Kelly
Ken Lafayette


We hold an Annual Meeting which is open to all.   Here is an overview of some of our Annual Meeting topics and presentations.
  • September 2022: Updates on FEMA Flood Maps, Wells Harbor Dredge, Wells Sanitary District Sewer District 
  • July 2021: Connections to Coastal Places, Jessica Brunacini, Wells Reserve and PhD Candidate at Michigan State University, and FEMA Food Map Appeal Process, Agnieszka A. Dixon, Esq., DrummondWoodsum
  • July 2019: Future of S.O.S. Maine
  • July 2018: Update on Appeal of FEMA Flood Maps. Nathan Dill, Ransom Consulting,  provided an update on proposed FEMA flood map changes and the appeal process. 
  • July 2017: The Impact of New FEMA Flood Maps. Nathan Dill, Ransom Consulting , discussed proposed FEMA flood map changes and the appeal process.
  • July 2016: The Future of Beach Renourishment. Representative Bob Foley discussed a variety of topics regarding the area’s beaches and shoreline. His discussion included some background of DEP Sand Dune Rules, proposals about Beach Management, an update on some beach nourishment initiatives, and an update on proposed FEMA flood map changes. 
  • July 2015: Updates on Proposed Changes to FEMA Flood Maps. Leila Pike, Ransom Consulting, discussed proposed FEMA flood map changes.  Leila Pike, Ranson Consulting Presentation