Welcome to Save Our Shores Maine

S.O.S. Maine is a grassroots, volunteer organization whose mission is to educate the public to maintain and preserve Maine’s coastal heritage.

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Maine shores and coastal wetlands are home to many species of water fowl and other coastal wildlife. The treasured sandy beaches provide vacation destinations and recreation that sustain Maine’s tourism industry.

The coastal ecosystem of Maine has a delicate balance. We believe that we should make every effort to maintain and protect the environmental integrity of our shores in a manner that is both respectful of private ownership of coastal properties and for the preservation of our shores and coastal wetlands.

We hope that you believe, like us, that we should take action to preserve our beautiful Maine shores and coastal wetlands. The efforts we make to save our shores will be the legacy we leave to Maine’s future generations.

S.O.S. Maine is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


SOS and MCC Annual Meeting   

July 27, 2021 at 5:00   

Wells Reserve at Laudholm – Mather Auditorium  

55 Skinner Mill Road, Wells ME 04090

The Board of Directors of Save Our Shores Maine and Maine Coastal Coalition invite you to attend our Annual Meeting on July 27th at 5:00 at Wells Reserve at Laudholm.

We will have two guest speakers and a Q&A session.

Agnieszka A. Dixon, the attorney who is handling the appeal of proposed flood map changes for various coastal towns, will discuss the Flood map appeal process.

Jessica Brunacini, a Wells Reserve Fellow and PhD Candidate at Michigan State University, will discuss how people are connected to coastal places and why that matters for decision-making.

Photography on this page generously provided by Anne Banfield