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FEMA Proposes New Flood-Mapping for York and Cumberland Counties
The Weekly Sentinel, October, 2010

YORK COUNTY FEMA recently proposed to pull controversial flood maps, pause the appeals process for towns in York and Cumberland Counties, and implement a new process that would give these towns more power, input, and access to federal funds to develop flood maps and other risk mitigation plans.

In July, flood reform legislation was amended to require FEMA to re-examine the way it looks at flood maps, asking the agency to consider the unique nature of working waterfronts like those founds along the Maine coast.

FEMA has agreed to temporarily pause the 90-day appeals process for local communities if they make a good-faith effort to consider participating in the initiative.

FEMA's plan would be to start the flood mapping process over with more input and buy-in from local communities and federal resources to develop and expand other risk-mitigation plans. Maine would be one of the first places in the country to participate in the program, called "risk mapping."

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